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22nd Dec 2021, 12:38 PM

03 - 30
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Writing is Hard

troblsomtwins829 on 22nd Dec 2021, 12:38 PM

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Making this page was difficult. Not from a technical standpoint, but from a research one. While looking up the number of human companions Ash has had throughout his journey, most every list I can across only mentioned travel companions that spanned an entire season or region. Not a single one mentioned cross-episode companions, movie allies, or even deeply researched one-off or reoccurring characters. Gary is obviously his rival, but even HE'S not mentioned! And neither is Delia, and she's his MOM! It was hard, but I eventually had to settle for the travel companions, lifelong rival and the only family member we know about.

His Pokemon on the other hand, was a far more thoroughly kept list. At present, Ash has owned, or had in his posession only around 80 types of Pokemon. Compared to the Nine humans, you see the problem.
Cutting out every Pokemon caught past Gen 4 narrowed it down by about half, but it was still a lot, so I had to consider this: What Pokemon did he have that had both a notable personality and a character arc of their own?
Charizard was an obvious choice, his abandonment form a previous trainer caused him to be independent to a harmful degree, and only after Ash had proven his loyalty to him time and time again did her come around to love and appreciate his trainer. Butterfree too, having been caught early on as a caterpie and allowed to evolve fully; and then helping save a whole colony of Butterfree, falling in love with a female and being released to live their fullest life. I believe they do return once or twice, but I haven't been able to confirm that.
Taurus is significant namely for the meme but also because it's actually very impressive that Ash managed to capture and entire herd.
Totodile had a notable personality from the start, while most of Ash's gen 1 pokemon got arcs of their own and went off to do their own thing, totodile was a prankster and always enjoyed having fun, and I respect that! Noctowl being the first and only shiny caught by our main boy settled him pretty easily.
Baby Lapras for the entirety of the Orange Islands arc was a wonderful companion and too sweet for this world. She was scared and alone when she lost her family, but Ash helped her gain confidence enough to fight her own battles. And when the opportunity came for her to be able to return home, he let her.
I Don't remember why I feel like Torkoal is signifigant, but I feel like I've seen him a lot and that he had a significant impact on a number of battles
Torterra started as a turtwig that liked to bite Ash's hat a lot. Solid win in my book. Buizel started as Dawn's Pokemon for contests, but always enjoyed fighting more than stylized maneuvers, it took a while for both trainers to realize this, but when they did, they made the trade and Buizel's been happier for it! He obviously still cares for his original trainer, but respects and appreciates his new one enough to do the best he can.

A Lot of Ash's previous Pokemon have had an arc of some kind, I know Aipom followed him to the Sinnoh region and Gligar always did what he could to do the same. Squirtle has his own squad and Mr.Mime helps keep up the house. The nine I picked were ones I felt had the most impact on me overall, and while it may not be perfect. I feel it works!

What are some Pokemon you remember from the show? How did their journey impact you?

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TheStratovarian on 22nd Dec 2021, 4:07 PM

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The one haunter early in matters. Where ash just got stonewalled something awful at the psychic gym. The trying for anything, and it was him trying with other ghosts that finally won them over.

But most of the ghost types were generally memorable in some form, often due to the rarity of them in show as I recall.

Flamel on 27th Dec 2021, 4:20 AM

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Honestly when I think Character arcs for Ash's Pokémon, I think Infernape. It might just be me, but that Pokémon had the most growth and was one of if not the most significant member of his team through the Sinnoh Legue. Though your other choices are also really good.
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