Questions Time!!

17th Dec 2019, 7:30 AM

Questions Time!!
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troblsomtwins829 on 17th Dec 2019, 7:30 AM

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Just got home yesterday, so I'll be asleep most of today
in the meantime you've got this on your hands.
I'll update mitigation later, but right now i need to focus on multiple things this month.
- DragonQuest
- Pokedex
- Maps
- Character sheets
- Writing my theory

I'll update this month's vote bait later today or tomorrow, depending on when i wake up today. You guys have fun with questions, I'll close the questions thingy at 50 comments or by the 15th, so that gives you all plenty of time.

In the mean time, i'll try to get something worked out so we don't have the same issue we did at the end of chapter one.

See you all soon! ^^

Edit: Oh yeah! this may seem as a given, but start your question out with who you're asking it to. I.E:
Bokyurah: Why so angry bro?
something like that :) you can ask as many questions as you want, but I might not get to everyone, just letting you know ^^

Originally posted at May 31st, 2015, 11:45 pm

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